Behind the scenes of death with Hayley Campbell

Season 4, Episode 5,   Jul 03, 2023, 12:00 AM

Trigger Warning: Listener discretion is strongly recommended. Hayley talks quite graphically about what death looks like, including what a body might look like after death. This includes discussions of infant death as she talks about her experience of seeing a baby in a mortuary.

Hayley Campbell is a journalist, writer and broadcaster whose book, All the Living and the Dead, delivers a gripping look at the professionals who have made death their lives work. She talks to embalmers, a former death row executioner, mass fatality investigators, a bereavement midwife, and many more.

Hayley spent two years immersed in a field few people know about. Amongst the many questions raised, Hayley contemplates: ‘would facing death directly make us fear it less?’

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