Episode 1: Welcome to the Jungle

Episode 1,   Jul 18, 2023, 04:00 PM

We go behind the velvet ropes to explore the dark side of the Hollywood club scene and the nightlife king and queen pins who ruled it. Following the unexpected twists and turns of life in the fast lane, we uncover the unsolved murder of Dragonfly nightclub owner, Brett Cantor.


Narration – Jacy Nova & Thom Dre
Producers - Jacy Nova, Pat Tapia, Thom Dre, Marc Cantor, and Georgie Rutherford
Audio Producer - Christopher Lang
Design – Paulina Szymanska

Official website - https://dragonflypodcast.com

For all credits and sources, please visit: https://dragonflypodcast.com/episode-1-welcome-to-the-jungle