Claire Fuller, Chloe Michelle Howard, Emma Claire Wilson and The First Graphic Novel Competition

Episode 46,   Jul 22, 2023, 10:59 AM

We're back from our short summer hiatus with a jam-packed episode for you. We speak to Brighton based Chloe Michelle Howard about her debut novel SUNBURN – a beautiful sapphic comic of age story set in rural Ireland in the 1990s, to former Brighton resident Emma Claire Wilson about her debut novel THIS CHILD OF MINE and what it was like to grow up in Brighton’s Old Shop Hotel. We talk to Corinne Pearlman about this year’s First Graphic Novel Competition which is now open to entries, and we catch up with award-winning author and writer of this month’s book club book, Claire Fuller about her latest book THE MEMORY OF ANIMALS. 

Our next book club book is Eliza Clark’s PENANCE.

Music on the Reverb show from Nigel Stweart.