First Tesla Cybertruck Built, Ford F-150 Lightning Prices Slashed

Episode 179,   Jul 21, 2023, 05:14 PM

In this episode:
We talk Ford Mach-E Rally and Tom's chat with Ford's Darren Palmer
Mobile charging and a discussion on preventive safety
Tesla Model X bad build quality
Google maps vs Apple CarPlay for EV route planning
First Tesla Cybertruck is built in Texas
Cybertruck 350-mile range rumor
Cybertruck 4680 battery improvement and production
Tesla's early talks about licensing FSD software suite with major OEM
Ford F-150 Lightning price reductions
Nissan adopts NACS
Rivian cleared by Georgia Supreme Court to start building factory there
Cadillac Optiq revealed on China governnment website
GM shuts down BrightDrop production due to battery supply chain issue
GM promises higher EV production in 2nd half of this year
HiPhi Y, with crazy rear doors, dlaunches in China
Xiaomi EV photos leaked