Why the 'London bubble' is a myth with research duo, Andrew Tenzer & Ian Murray

Episode 118,   Jul 28, 2023, 04:05 AM

This week, we cast a spell of double double toil and trouble and caught the pair from Burst Your Bubble; it’s Andrew Tenzer and Ian Murray. 

The duo behind a treasure trove of award-winning research on the culture of marketing, Andrew and Ian have recently launched a radical new consultancy powered by the art and science of perspective-taking. 

There’s no eye of newt or toe of frog in this cauldron of conversation topics, but the duo turned up the heat on studying politics, when their paths first crossed, monkeys, bananas, and pandas, provocative research, why Ian is sickened by the idea of the ‘London bubble’, spotting bad research, whether the ad industry is left-leaning (h/t Steve Harrison), banning the word insight, and lots more. 


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And listen to our episode with Steve Harrison for good measure

(02:08) - Quick fire questions 
(02:54) - Andrew’s first jobs, failed music career, and how he got into research 
(07:54) - What happened when Ian followed what interested him
(13:43) - Their first joint research piece on gut instinct 
(16:31) - How marketers compare to the rest of the population when it comes to taking notice of context
(28:01) - The Myth of the ‘London Bubble’ and why it sickens Ian
(33:39) - Their new consultancy Burst Your Bubble
(40:31) - Listener questions 
(47:12) - 4 pertinent posers 

Andrew and Ian’s book recommendations are: 
The Road to Somewhere by David Goodhart 
The Righteous Mind by Jonathan Haidt
Lemon by Orlando Wood
Look Out by Orlando Wood
Decoded by Phil Barden 
Obliquity by John Kay 
Feminism for the 99% by Nancy Fraser 
The Old is Dying and the New Cannot Be Born by Nancy Fraser

Editor’s Note: Steven Lacey, mentioned by Ian in this episode, has been in touch to clarify his stance on the 'London Bubble'. Steven concurs entirely with Ian and Andrew’s viewpoint that the London Bubble is a myth. For his full response, see here