On Facebook Ads, Engagement, & Formula 1 Racing (feat Jenn Neal)

Episode 117,   Aug 03, 2023, 04:12 PM

How can businesses build trust, foster human connection, and align with shared values in the age of AI and technology? And why on Earth does Facebook feel the need to change its advertising platform every four seconds? (Ok, we can't answer the second question there. Ask Zuckerberg.) But in this episode, we wholeheartedly tackle the first.

Jenn Neal of Formula Done joins Annie P. to candidly share her best tips on leveraging Facebook’s functionality amidst recent policy changes, and strategies for overarching marketing success with and without AI.

Then, Jenn dives into her lifelong passion for different racing disciplines, including Formula 1. You'll be amazed how much it has to do with social media! Tune in for an insightful discussion filled with thrilling anecdotes, thought-provoking questions, a drag race romance, and plenty of laughs along the way.

- Connect with Jenn through her website, Instagram, and https://www.linkedin.com/in/jennneal.
- Grab her free ultimate guide to content repurposing at https://contentrepurposing.tools/
- Annie's award-winning sales course, Sales for Empaths, is now available as a Pay What Feels Right! Grab your seat at http://www.anniepruggles.com/NSSA

What's Inside:
[00:01:14] With algorithms, you'd be surprised how much having fun matters
[00:05:23] Productivity, Dance Videos, and Visibility
[00:12:18] Leveraging the Facebook behemoth
[00:15:12] Visibility mini-masterclass
[00:19:35] Easy, cheap Facebook boosting for more visibility.
[00:21:53] How to liberate your content
[00:26:57] A Drag Race romance
[00:30:40] Elevating the ordinary to the excellent
[00:33:09] Ethics and your best behavior (but in a joyful way)

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