REAL Canadians (ft Jae & Trey Richards)

Episode 304,   Aug 10, 12:00 AM

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Cody and Noel are joined by hilarious duo and fellow Canadians Jae & Trey Richards. The guys discuss the strategy behind ordering good food, the higher power of dips, and the story of Wahlid’s lost mattress. Plus, Cody recaps his recent hiking trip. 

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0:00 Attack of The Bears 
2:15 Intro 
3:21 Black vs Brown Bears
6:37 Fighting Mr Beast 
7:46 Defining REAL Canada
11:45 Doordash
13:42 Hella Dippin’
17:53 The Art of Ordering Good Food
20:33 The Mayor of Dips
24:56 BetterHelp
26:08 LA Food Spots
27:41 Asian Fusion
28:21 Check in with Chet Hanks
29:53 Helicopter Rescue on Cody’s Hiking Trip
36:49 Kid vs wild
38:50 Helicopter Rescue Gone Wrong
43:33 The Freakiest Foods
47:01 Haircut Spots
52:37 Haircut Posters
56:55 Highway Lost and Found
1:00:04 Dad Skills
1:01:44 Follow Jae & Trey