Steve Brady - Part 1

Season 1, Episode 2,   Aug 10, 2023, 06:49 AM

Episode 2 sees Des bringing in his first guest of the series!

Join us as Des gives you the latest update on his challenge and welcomes you to his new business partner Steve Brady.

The episode brings you part one of their interview in which we embark on Steve's fascinating story and journey where he explains:

  • What led him to quit his full IT Consultancy job and decide to go full time as an Amazon Seller.
  • What hustles he tried in the late 2010s before he settled
  • The determination he had to drive change in his life and better provide for his family.
  • The best financial advice he ever had, from his accountant and saved his sanity.
  • His thoughts and experiences with Private Label
  • The system and automation he embedded in his business so he could go and live the Van Life 
  • The importance of diversifying income streams
  • And the inherent need he has to give back
This episode takes a deep dive into the world of e-commerce from a personal perspective, unravelling the realities of setting up and initiating the scaling of an online business. We touch on key topics like motivation, mindset and business planning when preparing to launch a new Amazon selling and ecommerce journey.

Tune in now to gain invaluable insights and practical tips directly from a motivated e-commerce entrepreneur in the early stages of his empire building. This episode is your first step towards facing and overcoming your e-commerce challenges with renewed confidence and strategy.

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Join him as he says "Goodbye Poor, Hello Rich"