Finishing Food Plots and Anticipating Upcoming Hunting Seasons

Episode 148,   Aug 16, 2023, 07:00 AM

Join Living the Dream Outdoors Podcast hosts Bill Cooper and Hunter Hindman as they discuss one of their favorite land management topics - planting food plots. They cover soils, fertilizing, seeding, spraying for weeds and praying for rain. Their enthusiasm for the topic is only surpassed for their passion for the multitude of upcoming hunting seasons. They passionately look forward to dove, teal and archery seasons. Too, they are planning for antelope hunts, fall turkey hunts, rifle deer season, and duck and goose hunting action. And along the way there will be a few impromptu squirrel and coyote hunts. It’s a fun podcast. Tell all your outdoor friends to catch this one on most social media platforms.