UNCENSORED: Human Trafficking and Sexual Predators in Yachting

Aug 16, 02:13 PM

It’s no secret that Social Media has powerfully impacted the yachting industry. The job-hunting sector has been one of the many that have benefited the most. And even though there are plenty of good and safe jobs to be found, you can’t ignore the Darkside of this new addition...Human Trafficking and Sexual Predators.

On Today’s episode, Jo, a crew member, shares the dangerous and threatening situation she and other 6+ victims have gone through in the past two months due to a fake recruitment agency and predator joining forces to take advantage of yacht crew looking for work online. Tune in and learn how to avoid these scams and stay safe.

If you have been or know of a victim of this fake recruitment agency and predator, download the How to Report Guide


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