Loremen S4Ep56 - The Pie Man of Datchworth

Season 4, Episode 56,   Aug 17, 2023, 12:00 AM

A little Loreman met a Pie Man, going to the fair. Said little Loreman to the Pie Man, "Is Datchworth Green near Ware?" And the Pie Man said, "Yeah, but it's closer to Knebworth."

James takes Alasdair to the many-spectred village of Datchworth in Hertfordshire - a hamlet terrorised by both spirits of the dead and a flesh-and-blood highwayman. From poor farmer Pennyfather, to Oakenvalley Bottom and the vigilantes of Queen Hoo Hall, this episode is replete with classic Loreboy gibberish.

The boys meet the Pie Man of Datchworth fair, and learn why you can't solve all your problems with beheading. We hope you'll think twice, in future.

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