Trump’s Indictment & American History

Episode 210,   Aug 17, 2023, 09:00 AM

James and Al are joined by Professor Morgan Cloud to explain the difference between the federal and Georgia state RICO statutes, why Trump was indicted there, and if it will split the Republican party.  Then, they sit down with Professor Sean Wilentz to discuss how the way history is being taught is changing with the growing trend towards presentism and dive into how it affects coverage of the early days of the abolition movement in the United States.  They also share their benchmark odds for important political happenings– do they have them right?

Political Odds Making From James & Al
Trump Winning The Nomination- 2:1
Over/Under On How Many Indicted In Fulton County Go To Trial- Under 13
Which Trump Case Goes First- Mar-A-Lago
Trump Not Having A Bombshell Press Conference- 2:1
Trump Schedules His Arraignment During Republican Milwaukee Debate- 1:1 (and if he does 4:1 CNN has a split screen to cover it)
Most Likely Nominee If It’s Not Trump- J.D. Vance

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Professor Morgan Cloud:
Emory University School of Law | SSRN Articles 

Professor Sean Wilentz
Twitter | Princeton History Department | Author of “No Property In Man” & Many Other Books

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