Eliza Clark's 'Penance', Elizabeth Delo, Deborah Price and Joseph Zigmond

Episode 47,   Aug 26, 2023, 10:59 AM

This month, we speak to Elizabeth Delo, author of BECOMING LIZ TAYLOR, about why she decided to set part of her debut novel in Brighton and how overhearing a conversation in a queue sparked the idea for the book. We also talk to Brighton based Deborah Price about her memoir THE PEANUT FACTORY about living in London squats in the 80s. We talk to Brighton-based Joseph Zigmond about his novel CONSTANCE – a book that came from two very different ideas; one about teenage relationships and the mistakes we make, and another about when climate breakdown starts coming home. We take a deep dive into this month’s book club book, Eliza Clark’s wonderful PENANCE. Discussing all things from falling asleep to true crime podcasts, to seeing your work adapted to the stage and to the horrors of teenage female relationships.

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Our next show is dedicated to the UK’s biggest and brightest LGBTQ+ festival of Literature THE COAST IS QUEER which runs from 12-15 October. Our book club book is Yelena Moskovich’s Nadezhda in the Dark. Yelena will be appearing on a panel on Sunday 15th titled Queer Ukraine which is going to be excellent.