Todd Kohlhepp

Season 5, Episode 4,   Aug 24, 2023, 08:00 AM

In November of 2016, police were investigating the disappearance of a young couple, named Kala and Charlie. The pair had seemingly vanished without a trace two months earlier, but through a stroke of luck, investigators finally had a lead. They made their way to a property in Woodruff, South Carolina, and upon arrival, they made an unbelievable discovery. 30-year-old Kala had been chained up in a metal storage container for 65 days. Her boyfriend Charlie had been shot dead.

The killer was discovered to be an unassuming real estate agent, who had been hiding in plain sight for years. Police would soon discover two more bodies, hidden on the grounds of his property. And the man had even more skeletons in his closet. 13 years earlier, he murdered 4 employees at a motorcycle dealership. A crime which had remained unsolved until now.

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Original music by Ben Krejci, Kai Engel, Kevin MacLeod, Chris Zabriskie, and Daniel Birch. Additional music provided by Epidemic Sound.

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