Santé & Kenny Kimes

Season 5, Episode 5,   Aug 31, 2023, 08:00 AM

July 5th, 1998.

Irene Silverman, an 82-year-old New York socialite, was viciously assaulted in her home before being tasered and finally strangled. Her killers were 23-year-old Kenny Kimes and his 63-year old mother Santé.

The Kimes were linked to crimes in 5 separate states following a trail of fraud and suspected murder. By pure chance, a sting operation to apprehend the mother/son duo was already underway at a nearby hotel - the same day as Irene's murder.

Santé was a con-artist who would stop at nothing to keep her crimes under wraps. Over a period of two years, she coerced her son, Kenny, into committing three murders.

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