ReThinking the Office Sector: Is sustainability causing obsolescence?

Episode 3,   Aug 25, 2023, 05:18 AM

Gordon Marsden considers how ESG impacts different investor profiles, and Mika  Kania shares some sustainability solutions available to each.


  • Gordon Marsden, Head of Capital Markets, APAC (Singapore)
  • Mika Kania, Senior Director, Sustainability & ESG, APAC (Hong Kong)

  • Amy Kelly, Associate Director of Public Relations, Asia Pacific
In this episode:

  • The challenge of no or few global sustainability frameworks in a diverse region
  • Sustainability-leading markets in APAC – Australia, South Korea, Singapore 
  • The impact of sustainability on investors in closed-end, long term and future office funds...
  • ...And some ESG solutions each type of investor can consider
  • Is sustainability causing obsolescence? 
  • Does sustainability outrank returns?
  • What is a sustainability road map? And why all types of investors should consider one.
Production by Maxwell Love (Cushman & Wakefield) and Brad Borne (90 Seconds Productions)