Joanne-Divine Life Yogini - Great Awakening Show - Episode 36

Episode 36,   Aug 30, 2023, 03:02 AM

We are going through the Greatest Awakening this world has ever seen! Humanity is experiencing an unprecedented time of spiritual enlightenment and a great shift in consciousness into the ‘Age of Aquarius’ that the Mayans, American Indians, Aborigines, and many others have been prophesying for centuries. The “Great Awakening Show” is about spiritual truth, guided inspiration, infinite wisdom and sacred secrets being revealed. Many of us will need guidance during these confusing times, in understanding the awakening process, stages of awakening, the dark night of the soul as well as many other aspects of self-realisation and ways to live a divine life. Every show has awakening chats and interviews with incredible people from all around the world; light-workers, way-showers, truth speakers, earth keepers, love embracers, healers and therapists, and all those who are benefiting others and our planet in some way. Namaste Joanne-Divine Life Yogini.

We discuss Future Timelines, Time-travel, and our sacred Pineal Gland-Third Eye which is our antenna to multidimensional superconscious realms and the purifying of our physical and energy bodies…

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