No Fap

Episode 307,   Aug 31, 12:00 AM

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Cody and Noel review Conor McGregor’s sack shot, share why they stopped jacking off and discuss Trump’s recent mugshot. Plus, Noel’s recent Sudafed bender, Cody’s meeting with the YouTube CEO, what cum smells like and their new ploy to collect an army of slot machines. 

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Hosted by Cody Ko & Noel Miller, Created by TMG Studios, Cody Ko & Noel Miller, and Produced by TMG Studios, Cody Ko & Noel Miller. 

0:00 Cody’s Commute from Hell
5:16 Intro
6:22 We’re Pregnant w/ Bovid
10:05 Beyonce in Vegas
11:00 Doordash
12:35 Noel’s Weekend Bender
14:31 Collecting Slot Machines
16:38 Verstappen: The GOAT
20:11 Meeting The YouTube CEO
22:14 Life Advice from a 34 Year Old
27:21 Conor McGregor Shows Sack
31:44 Trump Shot
33:45 Training Our Diets
36:01 Sweaty Kart Sesh
39:39 CEO Fires Unpaid Intern
46:10 Seeking Instant Relief
49:38 Shameless OnlyFans Promo
52:54 Does Cum Smell?
55:44 No Fapping in The Shower
1:00:07 Why We Stopped Jerkin’
1:06:55 Bonus Time