The Big Boo Cast, Episode 353

Aug 31, 2023, 01:00 AM

We recorded this episode later in the week than we usually do because Melanie was just in Birmingham. So we talk through her time here, we break down my battle with a rogue hair clip, and we recap our first trip together to Ladybird Taco. 

It's also Zach Bryan Week (we'll explain why), and it's Melanie's turn for Five Favorites.

Hope you enjoy!

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Show Notes:

- Ladybird Taco

- At Home in Homewood

- Pants Store

- Sissy Goff and David Thomas from Raising Boys & Girls

- Jami Crockett on Instagram

- Tom Hart, Jordan Rodgers, and Cole Cubelic are our favorites

- Cole Cubelic mentions my hair clip situation (at 27 minutes) (does this mean we're BFFs now?)

- Zach Bryan's new album

- Tyler Childers' "Peace of Mind"

- Untold: Swamp Kings (be advised that the language is terrible)

- Under the Influence by Noelle Crooks

- I Wanna Dance with Somebody

Five Favorites: 

- Zach Bryan by Zach Bryan

- Merit Solo Shadow in vachetta

- Armani Luminous Silk Perfect Glow foundation

- elf Power Grip primer

- Chinese Laundry Theresa platform sandal


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