Turkey Timer Nipples & Bestie Betrayal: Edge of 17

Episode 104,   Sep 05, 2023, 07:00 AM

We are diving into a new theme for September. We are covering movies with Growing Pains. The first is one of Tam's favorites (Corinne not so much) called The Edge of 17. It stars Hailee Steinfeld as Nadine, a wallowing 17 year old who thinks the world is against her, especially when her bestie Krista, played by Haley Lu Richardson starts dating Nadine's older brother. In this episode: we have another stockings/pantyhose sighting and speculate on the purpose of the stretchy cotton fabric in the crotch, wonder if Nadine's bad haircut was the true culprit in her fathers death, and petition to change the name of bangs to fringe (like the Brits) because it makes more sense. We relive our own high school experiences in this episode and it stirs up our own growing pains but we push through them to get to The Edge of 17.