A Broken Horse: Episode Eleven

Episode 11,   Oct 05, 2023, 10:13 AM

Part Three Begins Now!
Polypoetes and Demophon find a way to reach Helen inside the Trojan Palace, and Troy desperately calls for Aid in the wake of Hector's death while Paris's brothers turn upon him.

Episode Eleven includes:

  • Chapter Twenty-One: Polypoetes
  • Chapter Twenty-Two: Paris
While A BROKEN HORSE can be enjoyed as a standalone work, if you haven't read or listened to Amalia Carosella's other mythic retellings, don't miss HELEN OF SPARTA and BY HELEN'S HAND, the story of Helen's life BEFORE she was stolen away to Troy!

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Written and narrated by Amalia Carosella, Produced by Libbie Hawker/Grant