The Truth of Embodied Freedom

Season 2, Episode 1,   Sep 07, 2023, 10:00 AM

Here I am sharing my energy from beautiful Minorca and bringing new intentions for the first Episode of Season 2 Soul Remembrance. 

A lot has changed in my path and I cannot wait to share it with you. 

In this episode I will be diving deep into the truth behind the scenes of living the dream life and its embodiment. 

I share with you the very personal parts of my life, the journey I am walking now and how I am navigating my dream life living on a catamaran and sailing the world. All this includes living with a partner 24/7 as well as 3 dogs on the sea!

Please join me, as I open up to you and share the parts of this journey which usually stays behind the scenes from social media and public life. In this way I want to connect with you, your soul and create this channel by being truly authentic. 

My aim is to take you on a journey that is full of inspiration and share the beauty of life along with challenges we are facing. 

5 things you will learn in this episode:

  1. How to deal with the biggest transitions in life? How we moved to live on a sailboat full time.
  2. How you can manifest your wildest dreams into reality at quantum speed. 
  3. What challenges we faces as a couple living on the sea 24/7 and how we deal with them
  4. Shifting from fear to love and focusing on solutions, to build the deepest heart centered connection as a couple.
  5. Why do we need to fully embody the dream life in the darkness and in the light? And what is it leading to? 

Make sure to join me on this episode to connect energetically and find the inspiration to become your own medicine or keep sharing it with the world in your own authentic way. 

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