The Big Boo Cast, Episode 355

Sep 14, 2023, 12:00 AM

It's a sad trombone situation on the podcast this week - because Melanie's Aggies fell prey to some Hurricanes down in Miami. Melanie's still processing a lot of her thoughts and feelings, so we're going to dig into several of her postgame grievances. She's coming in hot, podcast friends. And of course we'll be talking about the Bulldogs' very eventful win against the Arizona Wildcats too.

On top of all that, we have a big Piper update, and it's Melanie's turn for Five Favorites. Plus, a bonus: an excerpt from our Patreon conversation with our new friend Cole Cubelic.

Enjoy, everybody!

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Show Notes:

- Texas A&M vs. Miami

- Deion's team does it again

- Arizona vs. Mississippi State

- Texas vs. Alabama

- Helen in Birmingham

- Mike Elko

- Jett Johnson

- State's script logo

- our Patreon episode with Cole Cubelic

- Cole Cubelic rings a cowbell

- Cole's Instagram

- Cole's podcast, Cube Show

- Navis Cafe (one of my faves in Portland)

Five Favorites: 

- Clarins Cryo mask

- GAP vintage wide leg sweatpants

- OSEA anti-aging body balm

- In Common 4 in 1 Magic Mist Universal Elixir

- Eco Dreamiest J.Crew pajamas (on sale for 49.50 when we recorded)


- Hello Fresh (use code 50BIGBOO for 50% off plus 15% off the next two months)

- Stamps (use code BIGBOO for a free digital scale, free postage, and a four-week trial)

- Acorns 

- ZocDoc