242: God is an IG Model (with Peter Rollins)

Apr 01, 2021, 08:00 AM

Time for a little #biblebroads! Today The Broads are joined by one of their favorites, philosopher and author, Peter Rollins! Pete chats with them about philosophical meaning that can be taken from the Easter and Good Friday story. They also discuss the realization that what we think is perfect actually isn’t, freedom from the tyranny of certainty, discussing fantasy and its power, projective identification, anxiety, and much more! 

PETE ROLLINS: Find out more: peterrollins.comWAKE event: https://peterrollins.com/calendar/2018/4/15/wake-xtt7rFollow him on Instagram: http://instagram.com/peter_rollinsCheck out his podcast: https://peterrollins.com/podcast


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