Danny & Michael Philippou ('Talk To Me') & James Prichard ('A Haunting In Venice') interviewed, your Tip Top 5 Wedding Movies & more!

Episode 17,   Sep 16, 2023, 01:43 PM

It doesn’t take the detecting skills of Poirot to figure out that Jon Brown & Paul Marsh are back for a whole new run of episodes of ‘We’re Gonna Need Bigger Pod’! 

Yes, that’s right, hurriedly haunting your Podcast player, your favourite middle aged men moaning about Movies share their commentary and coverage of the latest and greatest in the world of Film right now!   

Tap that play button for an investigative insight into Kenneth Branagh’s ‘A Haunting In Venice’ by way of an interview with James Prichard - the Great Grandson of Poirot’s creator Agatha Christie! James discusses with us his role as CEO of Agatha Christie Ltd and Executive Producer of ‘A Haunting In Venice’.

Speaking of seance related tomfoolery - we also caught up with YouTube sensations Danny & Michael Philippou, directors of quite possibly the best horror movie of the year - ‘Talk To Me’ in honour of its digital release. They talked to us, we let them in and the results were hilarious. 

There’s also our thoughts on recent releases such as ‘The Equalizer 3’, ‘The Nun II’ and the 30th Anniversary re-release of game changing cinematic dino drama ‘Jurassic Park’, plus, all your usual agenda items including News, Trailer Talk, the latest on Cinema, Streaming, Digital, 4K, Blu-Ray and DVD releases

Plus, we proposed, you accepted, so we got down on one knee for the return of the Tip Top 5 where we read out YOUR Top 5 Wedding films!

So let’s all round in a circle and hold hands and summon from the beyond - your latest, brand new edition of ‘We’re Gonna Need A Bigger Pod’!

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