Mysteries and Monsters: Episode 254 The Pascagoula Abduction with Philip Mantle

Sep 18, 03:00 AM

On October 11th 1973, two friends were planning on spending a warm autumn evening with a spot of fishing near their workplace. Neither of them could imagine what would occur that night, when rather than catching fish, it seems something decided to catch them.

Over the last few years, Philip Mantle along with his co-author Dr Irena Scott have discovered a realm of supporting information that has made the Pascoula Incident the most witnesses abduction experience. Building on his friendship with Calvin Parker, the supporting evidence, new witnesses and fellow abductees make this case the most compelling of its kind.

Sadly, the day after we recorded this interview, Calvin passed away and as such, this episode is dedicated to the man who made me question everything I ever thought I knew about the abduction phenomena.

The book can be found here:

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Thank you to Philip as always.

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