The Tommyknockers with Brian Duffield

Episode 197,   Sep 20, 08:00 AM

Writer/Director Brian Duffield (Spontaneous, No One Will Save You) joins Wampler and Vespe to discuss his new movie (which premieres this Friday on Hulu), an alien home invasion story that Wampler in particular fell head over heels in love with, as well as The Tommyknockers, a book that King himself has called "awful" in the press. There's a larger conversation about aliens, like why the Grey Alien type is often ignored in modern fiction, as well as a deep dive into what works in this book and what doesn't. We cover the perils of addiction, The Tommyknockers's place in King's overall body of work, and how in the world could anybody actually make a good movie or TV series out of this book. It's a long episode for a long book and as much as we don't love the novel it sure makes for a fun conversation.

What is one to do when you find an alien spaceship buried on your property? Well, dig it up and start building weird-ass machines that can zap your little brother to a distant planet or sort mail real good. The Tommyknockers isn't one of King's most beloved books, but it does spawn a great discussion when you try to pick it apart.