The Importance of Ancestral Wisdom with Jodie Morton

Season 2, Episode 3,   Sep 21, 2023, 05:10 PM

Today we are joined by Jodie Morton. She is from Liverpool, UK. Incredible yoga teacher, space holder, birthkeeper and ceremonialist.  
We met in the beginning of 2023 through the spirit of cacao and felt very connected.

Jodie is a Birthkeeper, Womb Healer and Ceremonialist reclaiming lost wisdom and holding space for women to remember their power throughout their Pregnancy, Birth and Womanhood journeys. She believes the root of our power lies within our womb space and through her work She honors the ways of cyclical living, blood mysteries and rites of passage to support women in coming home to their body, intuition and power on a deeper level.

Coming soon she will be holding cacao and sacred dance temples for women to explore their own unique expression through movement deepening their connection to the body and the divine.

5 Things You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  1. What is ancestral wisdom and how to continue living it in these modern days?
  2. The healing power of the womb and the path of the birthkeeper.
  3. What is a cyclical way of living and how it can be integrated for us women.
  4. What finding and walking your truth is and how it feels?
  5. How to heal, connecting with the elements and reprogramming yourself to your natural Dna. 

And so much more love, we speak about the power of mayan cosmovision, mama cacao and the importance of the ceremony! 

Make sure to join us and enjoy this deep conversation about The importance of ancestral wisdom.

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