Where are Our Mangoes? Local-driven Contestation of Predatory Practices in South Sudan’s Resource Extraction

Season 3, Episode 1,   Sep 22, 2023, 08:10 AM

In slightly more than a decade of independence, South Sudan has endured civil war and a shaky peace agreement that leaves over 11 million South Sudanese yearning for the a less violent future. Devastating war in neighboring northern Sudan once again underscores Juba’s acute dependence on revenue from oil exports, which have similarly been captured by the country’s kleptocratic rulers. 

In this episode we look at how the lack of equitable distribution of revenue has persisted. Using latest research, we observe a locally driven understanding of resource extraction and management practices among the wider South Sudanese community that learns from the country and region’s history of inequitable patterns of rule. 

What does this mean for South Sudan in the context of global decarbonization and scramble for scarce resources? Find out in this debut episode featuring Dr. Matthew Benson, the Sudans Research Director at LSE CCRG and Rose Mabu, a researcher within the South Sudan-based Bridge Network of South Sudanese researchers.