114 | How to connect to your magnetic heart desires so you can quantum leap reality

Sep 22, 01:24 PM

In this transmission, we will work on connecting to our magnetic heart desires which is extremely special. 

This is going to help you understand the difference between the things we *think* we want and desire from the REAL, true magnetic desires. 

These are seeds planted by our soul in our heart, here to guide us to manifest our highest destiny with greater ease and efficiency.

I share many keys on how to connect to your magnetic heart desires, feeling inspired over fearful, the power of patience, heart desires over envy, my personal stories with my desires and so much more. 

I share a short meditation to connect to your heart desires and give you exercise to do at home.

At the end there is a bonus channeled transmission from the Arcturians all about JOY!

I hope you enjoy this potent transmission - let me know your key takeaways in the comments.

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This episode covers:
  • Quantum leaping through the zero point of creation
  • Foundations of quantum leaping: Letting go of toxic attachment
  • What are our magnetic heart desires 
  • How our limiting beliefs prevent us from magnetising our desires
  • Having faith: Story about the love between my grandparents
  • Plugging into inspiration instead of fear & limitations
  • Embodied meditation to connect to a heart desire
  • The role patience plays in magnetising our heart desires
  • How to match your vibration to your desires
  • The difference between heart desires & envy/FOMO
  • Being TURNED ON by our heart desires & exercise to activate it
  • Message from the Arcturians: Finding JOY no matter what is the most revolutionary thing we can do on planet earth right now 

Eeria School of Channelling: https://cendrines.kartra.com/page/eeria
Matthew Hussey Episode mentioned: https://podcasts.apple.com/au/podcast/matt-monday-dont-fall-into-another-casual-situationship/id1064051384?i=1000623669922
Kaia Ra: Mother Mary speaks: https://kaiara.com/curriculums/mother-mary-speaks/

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