Are Odinists Responsible For Delphi Murders?

Sep 22, 2023, 04:45 PM

Could an ancient Norse religion be the key to unlocking the Delphi murder mystery?

In the latest episode of "Hidden Killers," Tony Brueski, in conversation with Defense Attorney Bob Motta, host of "Defense Diaries," delves into the recent developments in the Delphi murder case. The conversation revolves around new documents that have surfaced, which Brueski describes as "some of the most disturbing that I think I've seen."

Motta, with years of legal experience under his belt, expressed his astonishment at the filing, which was dropped unexpectedly in the early hours of a Thursday morning. He explained that the defense has filed a motion for a Frank's hearing. "Essentially, where the defense is coming in and they're saying, okay, in order to get a warrant, law enforcement came in, lied to the judge in order to secure the warrant," Motta clarified.

The defense's claim is not just a baseless accusation. They backed their motion with a comprehensive 136-page memorandum. Motta emphasized the gravity of the document, stating, "With the Franks hearing, they have to come with specificity. You have to come with receipts."

The crux of the defense's argument is startling. They suggest that Richard Allen, the man arrested for the murders of Abigail Williams and Liberty German, is not just presumed innocent but is actually innocent. The real culprits? A group of Odinists, practitioners of an ancient Norse religion.

Motta elaborated on the defense's theory, "They're basically saying that Richard Allen is not just presumed innocent, but he's actually innocent and that it's a group of Odinists." This revelation led to a discussion on Odinism, a religion that worships Odin, the Norse God, and other deities from Viking mythology.

The defense's memorandum goes into meticulous detail about the crime scene, suggesting ritualistic elements that might be linked to Odinist practices. Among the evidence cited are specific arrangements of sticks and branches and a rune, possibly written in one of the victim's blood.

However, the defense's claims don't stop there. They allege that law enforcement, upon discovering these ritualistic elements, consulted an unidentified professor from Purdue University. This professor supposedly dismissed the idea that the killings were ritualistic in nature, leading law enforcement to abandon this line of investigation.

Motta highlighted the defense's struggle to identify this mystery professor, with no documentation or name provided in the police reports. This leads to further questions about the integrity of the investigation.

The defense's memorandum presents extensive information about four individuals known to practice Odinism, complete with social media posts and other evidence. This is anticipated to be their alternate suspect defense.

But why is this significant? The defense is essentially challenging the evidence that led to the search of Richard Allen's house, where a crucial piece of evidence was found: a gun. An unspent 40 caliber was discovered between the victims, and a similar weapon was found at Allen's residence. The prosecution claims that tool markings can link the unspent casing to Allen's gun, making it a pivotal piece of evidence.

As the revelations from the podcast episode continue to ripple through the community, one can't help but wonder: Is the defense onto something groundbreaking, or is this a strategy to divert attention from their client? Only time will tell how these new revelations will impact the Delphi murder case.

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