Delphi Murders: Breaking Down The New Odinist Defense Of Richard Allen

Sep 25, 2023, 10:00 AM

In a recent development surrounding the Delphi murders, a memorandum filed in the Carroll County Circuit Court has shed light on potential links between the crime and followers of the pagan Norse religion, Odinism. The document, titled "FINAL DRAFT - Delphi Franks brief," suggests that members of Odinism, a religion hijacked by white nationalists, may have been involved in the ritualistic killings of Abigail Williams and Liberty German.
 Key Claims from the Document:
 Odinist Signatures at the Crime Scene: The memorandum claims that symbols in the form of runes, associated with Odinism, were found at the crime scene. These runes were allegedly formed with sticks, fashioned with tree branches, and painted using the blood of one of the victims, Liberty German.
 BH's Connection: BH (Name Redacted), an Odinite from Logansport, is highlighted due to his son's previous relationship with one of the victims, Abigail Williams. Disturbing images on H's social media, some mimicking the crime scene, were discovered by a concerned citizen from Georgia. Despite these findings, the Unified Command, a group overseeing the investigation, quickly cleared H as a suspect.
 Failure to Pursue Odinist Links: The document criticizes law enforcement's decision to abandon the Odinism angle early in the investigation. This decision was reportedly based on an unidentified Purdue professor's opinion, which dismissed the possibility of Odinist involvement.
 Exculpatory Evidence Withheld: The memorandum alleges that the prosecution withheld crucial evidence, including a letter containing information that could prove the innocence of the accused, Richard Allen. This letter, sent by former Rushville Assistant Police Chief Todd Click, expressed concerns about the direction of the investigation and the evidence against Allen.
 Richard Allen's Innocence: The document strongly asserts that Richard Allen, the accused, has no connections to Odinism or any pagan cult. Furthermore, no forensic evidence, such as DNA or electronic data, links Allen to the crime scene.
 Odinists in Westville Correctional Facility: The memorandum suggests that members of the Odinist cult are employed as corrections officers at Westville Correctional Facility, where Richard Allen is allegedly being threatened and mentally abused.
 Quotes from the Document:
 "Overwhelming evidence in this case supports the following: Members of a pagan Norse religion, called Odinism, hijacked by white nationalists, ritualistically sacrificed Abigail Williams and Liberty German."
 "BH was never considered a suspect in the murders of Abby and Libby. State Trooper Jerry Holeman, one of the law enforcement officers in charge of organizing and investigating the Delphi murders, claimed in his August 10, 2023 deposition that Brad Holder was not really ever a suspect."
 "Richard Allen has zero connections to any pagan cult or pagan cultists, and furthermore no forensic evidence (such as DNA) or electronic evidence links Richard Allen to the girls or to the crime scene."
 The memorandum presents a compelling argument for the reevaluation of the evidence and the direction of the Delphi murder investigation. The potential involvement of Odinists and the subsequent dismissal of this angle by law enforcement raises serious questions about the integrity of the investigation. As the case continues to unfold, it remains to be seen how these new revelations will impact the pursuit of justice for Abigail Williams and Liberty German.
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