Why Were Odenistic Clues Ignored By Delphi Investigators?

Sep 26, 2023, 05:00 PM

In a riveting episode of "Hidden Killers," Tony Brueski delves deep into the perplexing details surrounding a recent crime scene with psychotherapist and author Shavaun Scott. The scene, as described, is nothing short of chilling: ritualistic markings, runes on bodies, and blood allegedly painted on a tree, suggesting an odinistic ritualistic killing.
 "The scary thing is some of the connections that are made in the defense letter... It checks out," Brueski reveals, pointing to the involvement of individuals deeply entrenched in the odinistic religion. Their social media profiles, laden with odinistic symbols and references, further solidify the connection. More alarmingly, evidence, including a potential confession to a girlfriend, seems to have been overlooked, leading to Richard Allen's arrest.
 Scott, while intrigued, approaches the topic with a healthy dose of skepticism. "It's just not common," she remarks, questioning the logic of a criminal leaving behind such blatant clues. Drawing from her knowledge, she recalls a similar case in California where three teenage boys committed a satanic ritualistic murder. "They left a trail a mile long," she notes, emphasizing the irrationality of such acts.
 Brueski, grappling with the gravity of the situation, poses a question that many are likely pondering: "If anyone is participating in this sort of thing... what are they believing that they're getting out of that?" Scott's response paints a grim picture. She suggests that such acts might be the result of psychotic tendencies, where individuals are completely detached from reality. "This kind of thing is getting into psychosis," she states, emphasizing the sheer irrationality of ritualistic killings.
 The conversation takes a darker turn as the duo delves into the possibility of group involvement. While it's one thing for an individual to be swayed by psychotic tendencies, the idea of a group collectively participating in such heinous acts is even more unsettling. Brueski points out, "We see it in movies... I think we think that this doesn't really go on in reality." Scott, however, reminds listeners of the Manson family's ritualized killings, highlighting the potential for impaired individuals to commit unspeakable acts under the right influence.
 As the episode concludes, one thing is clear: while ritualistic killings rooted in ancient religions like Odinism are rare, they are not entirely unheard of. Scott's insights serve as a chilling reminder that while such acts are "pretty darn uncommon," they do, unfortunately, occur.
 In a world where ancient beliefs intersect with modern crimes, how do we differentiate between genuine religious practices and sinister misinterpretations?
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