Dallas Stars

Episode 39,   Sep 24, 09:05 AM

The Stars at night, are big and bright, clap clap clap clap, deeeeep in the heaaaaart of Texas!

And here to tell me all about it is Super Fan @goaliecat
They're chatting with me while wearing a game worn jersey from none other than Jamie Langenbrunner, not a big deal!  They tell me about how they've been a Stars fan since they first came to town in '93.
We then talk about their loaded roster filled with young superstars and veterans alike, jersey's, last year's playoff run and the high expectations set for the 23-24 season.

It was a pleasure talking to you Ren, hope we don't meet in the playoffs 🤣🏒❤️

Thanks for listening and tune in next time! 

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