How The Delphi Murders May Have Been Ritual Sacrificial Killing?

Sep 27, 2023, 03:00 PM

Could the Delphi murder case be far more intricate than previously thought?
 In a riveting episode of "Hidden Killers," Tony Brueski delves deep into the Delphi murder case with Defense Attorney Bob Motta, host of "Defense Diaries." The conversation uncovers a myriad of names, potential suspects, and a web of connections that might change the narrative surrounding the tragic event.
 "There's a lot of other people named in this affidavit," Brueski begins, hinting at the complexity of the case. Motta adds, "Some name we even have... where it talks about one talking to their sister and admitting involvement in the murder professing details that no one else would know." The chilling revelation suggests that there might be individuals, currently free, who have intimate knowledge of the crime.
 Brueski poses a pressing question: "Is this, I mean, are we going to see some new arrests made here or is this still going to be digging in?" The implication is clear: there might be more to the story than the current focus on Richard Allen.
 Motta's response is equally unsettling. "It's not just the one guy. It's like it's a group. Every single guy that they talk about, they come with receipts." He refers to tangible evidence, including Facebook pages and other online traces, that seem to corroborate some of the claims made in the affidavit.
 The conversation takes a darker turn as Motta discusses the defense's strategy and the potential implications of their findings. "The defense is trying to offset that," he says, referring to the state's theory of the case. Motta expresses concerns about the defense potentially alienating the judge with their aggressive approach, especially given the discrepancies between police reports and the affidavit.
 However, the most shocking revelation revolves around the alleged confession of Richard Allen. Motta explains, "This bombshell dropped that Richard Allen had confessed two to three times over a recorded jail call to his wife that he had killed the girls." Yet, the defense claims that Allen might have been coerced into confessing due to threats from prison guards who are believed to be Odinists, a pagan religious group.
 Motta elaborates on the Odinist angle, suggesting that some of the guards and possibly other inmates might be involved in the group. "These guards were wearing patches that said 'In Odin we trust' on their government-issued uniforms," he reveals. The defense alleges that these Odinist guards might have tried to film Allen during attorney-client visits, potentially violating his rights.
 The conversation then shifts to the broader implications of the Odinist connection. Brueski wonders, "How common are ritualistic killings in this area with Odinists?" Motta responds by mentioning another unsolved case involving two young girls who died in an arson attack. He also touches upon the potential racial motive behind the murders, hinting at a relationship between one of the victims and a person directly linked to the Odinists.
 As the episode concludes, Brueski is visibly shaken. "It's something else," he murmurs, reflecting the gravity of the revelations.
 As the Delphi murder case continues to unravel, one is left wondering: How deep does this web of connections go, and are we any closer to uncovering the truth?
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