BTK Killed REAL People, Now Osage Cops Want Reality Show to Follow Them!

Sep 27, 2023, 11:00 PM

What if one of the most notorious serial killers in U.S. history had more victims than previously thought? A new investigation has been launched into Dennis Rader, infamously known as the BTK (Bind, Torture, Kill) Killer. This inquiry is based on the potential of other murders linked to him. But amidst the serious undertones of such an investigation, questions of its legitimacy and intentions arise, especially when reality TV is thrown into the mix.
 On a recent episode of "Hidden Killers" podcast, host Tony Brueski delved into the latest developments surrounding BTK, with insights from guest and criminal defense lawyer, Lori Hellis. Over the past six months, there have been hints of this new line of investigation, especially with Kerry Rawson, Rader's daughter, making intriguing statements that suggest there might be more to the story.
 "We've been watching this quite closely," Brueski commented. "I'm all for finding more in the B. T. K. Saga. If there, in fact, are more, I very much admire Kerry for putting herself out there and the dedication she has... to try and find justice for these individuals." The drive to uncover the truth, however, isn't the only factor coming into play.
 As Brueski pointed out, the evidence thus far consists of a piece titled "bad wash day." This, combined with rumors of a reality TV show revolving around the case, has sparked concerns about the genuine intentions behind the investigation. Such a television venture, according to Brueski, might be more inclined to sensationalize events rather than seeking justice. "The reason to do this is to find justice and bring some closure to those families, not necessarily do a television show," he emphasized.
 Hellis agreed, "I think that the timing probably isn't great. I mean, I could see how the authorities that are investigating might see this as an opportunity to get the BTK case back out in front of people again." She recognized the potential benefits, such as public assistance in identifying evidence or piecing together timelines, but cautioned against crossing the line between awareness and entertainment.
 Dennis Rader, the BTK killer, had his crime spree stretch over 30 years, and while he's been imprisoned for a considerable time, Hellis points out the eerie notion many have had. "I think everyone's always felt like there were more victims out there. He just wasn't giving them up." Many serial killers have been known to release information bit by bit, relishing in the attention. This tactic, coupled with a potential reality show, muddies the waters of the investigation's true aim.
 Additionally, concerns were raised about some of the figures involved in the case's media portrayal. Brueski specifically noted an incident where Eddie Virden, associated with the investigation, handled evidence improperly on a talk show. This kind of behavior is worrisome, given the gravity of the case and the potential implications of any new revelations.
 Both Brueski and Hellis concluded that while seeking justice and uncovering the truth is paramount, the dangers of sensationalism and media circus should not be ignored. In the quest for ratings or recognition, the real stories and the genuine pain of families affected might be overshadowed.
 So, as the case takes another turn and more details emerge, one has to wonder: Are we on the brink of uncovering new, chilling details about one of America's most infamous killers, or is this just another spectacle for the screen?

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