Introducing Physical Capital: Swimming

Sep 26, 11:00 PM

Welcome to Physical Capital, a series centered around the human relationship with swimming. What draws us to it? How do we use it, what do we gain from it… and what it can take from us?

We’ll be looking at swimming from multiple angles to help paint a complete picture of the sport.

We’re going to be exploring swimming through the prism of ‘Physical Capital' - discussing the physical attributes that can give you an advantage in the water and how they’ve been used to achieve greatness and how they can be affected and influenced by politics, geography and the unequal distribution of resources.

And most importantly we’ll be speaking to swimmers - from those that push themselves to their limits in the swimming pool and in open water, to those that swim for fun and for pleasure, and those who document its history.

Hosted by Rebecca Achieng Ajulu-Bushell
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