Is BTK Too Frail & Old to Play Games with the Police?

Sep 28, 2023, 11:00 PM

In the depths of a Wichita evidence locker, numerous pieces of evidence have lain dormant for over a decade. And now, there's a renewed interest in whether they hold clues to other unsolved mysteries, potentially tied to the infamous BTK killer, Dennis Rader.
 During a recent episode of the "Hidden Killers" podcast, host Tony Brueski and criminal defense lawyer Lori Hellis delved deep into this perplexing and evolving issue. Brueski posed the question, "Are you at all surprised by the amount of evidence that has been sitting in an evidence locker in Wichita for 15 or so years since [Rader] was arrested and put away?"
 Hellis expressed her surprise that authorities weren't more proactive in processing the evidence. However, she speculated that law enforcement might have awaited concrete leads before venturing into the potential labyrinth of clues. "They want to be more focused and more aiming at something," she remarked. Hellis understands the delicate balance of being methodical without inadvertently depleting vital evidence.
 A central point of contention is Rader's writings about a "bad wash day." He described a fantasy involving a girl at a laundromat during a time when he was installing ADT security systems nearby. Alarmingly, a girl did go missing around that same period. However, Brueski points out the glaring issue: "All we have is that little bit of writing, which is really, truly not enough to convict somebody on."
 So, what would be required to build a conviction? Hellis pointed out a unique angle - the psychological aspect of Rader's actions. As Rader grows older, there's a sense that he might be reflecting on his legacy. Some suggest that taunting him with his old "trophies," or evidence from his crimes, might prompt him to correct the record if investigators get details wrong, thereby potentially revealing more information.
 A significant player in this strategic game is Kerry, who knows Rader well. Brueski recounted, "[Kerry] said, 'Oh, he's watching all this coverage. He's getting it up. He is really into it.'" Rader has historically played mind games with the police, leaving behind letters and challenging them to catch him. There's a shared belief that this old cat-and-mouse game might start anew.
 The question, then, is how far Rader would go with these games, considering his limited time. "Why not throw some clues out there before you're dead, Dennis?" Brueski speculated. He emphasized Rader's previous manipulation of the police and expressed intrigue about Rader's potential next moves. Hellis concurred, adding that Rader might believe he has the upper hand, but his incarceration limits his ability to manipulate his surroundings or the investigation's environment.
 In Conclusion: As the investigation deepens and the pressure mounts, could the once seemingly dormant evidence locker in Wichita unlock further dark secrets of Dennis Rader, the BTK killer? Or will Rader's mind games remain just that - a game, where the true extent of his malevolent actions die with him? Only time will tell.
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