The Atlanta Donner Party | Henry Zebrowski & Mike LaSage | Interviews | Radio Labyrinth Presents

Season 8,   Sep 27, 2023, 11:22 AM

Join us for a captivating interview with Henry Zebrowski, the versatile actor, podcaster, and comedian from Last Podcast on the Left, and Chef Mike LaSage. Together, they're bringing a unique culinary experience to Ammazza Edgewood on Wed, Oct 11, 2023, at 7:00 PM that you won't want to miss!

Event Details:
On this special evening, Ammazza Edgewood in Atlanta transforms into a time capsule of gore as Henry Zebrowski and Chef Mike LaSage recreate the historic Donner Party's dining experience.

Experience History:
Step back in time and savor the flavors, stories, and horror faced by the Donner Party. It's a one-of-a-kind opportunity to indulge in history.

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Hurry and secure your spot at Tickets are limited, and this event promises to be unforgettable.

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Join Henry Zebrowski and Chef Mike LaSage on Oct 11, 2023, at 7:00 PM for a culinary journey blending history, gore and humor. Don't miss out—get your tickets now!

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