#45 You Don’t Have To Be The Best To Be Successful

Episode 45,   Sep 28, 2023, 05:00 AM

The smaller you are as a business, the more pressure there is on you to be the expert or the leading authority, and to be the best. That’s a lot of pressure on your shoulders. 

You might feel that if you’re not winning, you’re not successful, but I want to set the record straight on that today…

In this episode you’ll hear:
Separating the work and personal versions of you
  • How some successful household names aren’t the ‘best’
  • What you can learn from Bruce Springsteen 
  • Setting your own personal measurement of success
  • Why you shouldn’t measure your success against what you haven’t achieved
  • How to ignore the Instagram ‘should do’ers
  • Why being the true you will bring you success more quickly

The only thing that matters is that you’re measuring against where you want to be in business and what your goals are.

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