Confronting Oliver Tree (ft Oliver Tree)

Episode 311,   Sep 28, 12:00 AM

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Oliver Tree beams up to put his lies to the test. Plus, visits from his Alien Boy colleagues, inside the production of Oliver’s music videos and his past as a dj.

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Hosted by Cody Ko & Noel Miller, Created by TMG Studios, Cody Ko & Noel Miller, and Produced by TMG Studios, Cody Ko & Noel Miller. 

0:00 Is Oliver Tree Lying to Us?
8:30 Intro
9:35 Oliver’s Sobriety Journey
12:35 McDonald’s
13:44 The Short Kings Trio
15:56 The Oliver/Cody Lore
19:06 Alien Boy Films & Living in Serbia
22:52 Filming Outside LA
24:52 Starbucks Ready-to-Drink Coffee
26:02 Oliver’s Production Process
30:55 Oliver’s DJ Past
34:20 Comedy Music  
37:59 Pretty Litter
39:46 Oliver’s Gifts 
48:48 Lil Ricky’s EXCLUSIVE Interview
53:39 Supercomputer’s EXCLUSIVE Interview
57:40 This Week on the BoneZone!