Hour 2: CFB Schedules, Rick Stockstill, & Celebrity Birthdays (09-27-23)

Sep 27, 07:32 PM

In the final hour of Chase and Big Joe Show, Chase and Joe discuss some issues with the college football season and it's pertaining to the scheduling. When the conference realignment happens some special matchups in college football won't happen on a regular basis. Is that a good thing or a bad thing? Also, Big Joe has a bone to pick with Major League Baseball. Should the MLB shorten the season and then put it on pause and resume in October? Chase and Big Joe get some callers on the topic. Later in the hour, MTSU Head Football Coach Rick Stockstill joined the show and talked with Chase and Big Joe about the Blue Raider's upcoming matchup against Western Kentucky. Coach Stockstill also talks about one of his former players who is now in the NFL and how he's doing. Listen to hear who that is. Will the Blue Raiders beat Western Kentucky tomorrow night? Let us know what you think. To end the show as always with Celebrity Birthdays. Producer Nick Frazier goes head-to-head with Chase. Who do you think will win? Listen to hear more.