Blind Leading: Learning Astronomy With Dr Nic Bonne

Season 2, Episode 161,   Sep 28, 08:45 AM

As part of RNIB Connect Radio’s 20th anniversary celebrations, the team were set a challenge to find activities that blind people could excel in, or that sighted people could learn about from blind or partially sighted experts.

For their challenge, our content producers Hubert and Paulina, travelled to University of Portsmouth to learn about astronomy from the mind behind the Tactile Universe, Dr Nic Bonne.

Find out more about Tactile Universe here: Tactile Universe – Making current astronomy research accessible to the blind and vision impaired community

Access the resources through RNIB Bookshare here: UK education collection | RNIB Bookshare, accessible books for print disabled learners.

Image: Hubert holds up a giant inflatable yellow beach ball. To his right, Dr Nic Bonne holds up what looks like a small football and a small tennis ball.