What happens when you start hearing the whispers of Mama Cacao with Sarah Anderson

Season 2, Episode 4,   Sep 28, 2023, 12:01 PM

Today we are joined by a dear teacher, and friend of mine, Sarah Anderson. 

Sarah is an incredible being and a ceremonialist. She has been teaching yoga for many years in London. Sarah is guiding people on their transformation through the practice of yoga and breath. She is connected with the medicine of cacao and serving cacao ceremonies in a most beautiful authentic way.

We met at the studio she was teaching a few years ago when I came back from India and was looking to continue to practice yoga. We reconnected through cacao and Sarah now is sharing her medicine through the ceremony as well. 

5 Things You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  1. How yoga helped Sarah to transform her life?
  2. The story about how we have met and how the life reconnected us back
  3. How and when she started hearing the whispers of Mama Cacao?
  4. Pivotal points of Sarah’s life which led her to where is now.
  5. About the most expansive walk with Cacao and Mayan cosmovision. 
And so much more love! 

Make sure to join and have fun together learning about the Cacao,elements, yoga and practices supporting us to live life with more ease and love.

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Find and follow some of Sarah’s work on instagram @suryahotyoga