Dougray Scott & Alice Troughton interviewed, 'Dumb Money' Merch Giveaway, Tip Top 5 Action Ensembles & more!

Episode 18,   Sep 28, 2023, 09:05 PM

Lend us your cauliflower ears as Jon Brown & Paul Marsh return after Paul took a swing at following some Cat bloke off the internet's investment advice, Jon got distracted by cinema's most spectacular exorcism in fifty years and they both got schooled on how not to be a monster by Richard E. Grant's fictional best selling (and scene stealing) author.

Or in English if you please - your friendly neighbourhood middle aged men moaning about Movies are back this week sharing their commentary and coverage of the latest and greatest in the world of Film (and a little bit of Telly) right now!   

Speaking of, World class Scottish legend Dougray Scott talks 'Crime' (and Football) with Paul in honour of Season 2 of Irvine Welsh's 'Crime' premiering on ITV X and Jon chats with the fantastic and very lovely Alice Troughton about her feature film debut, 'The Lesson'.

There’s also our thoughts on recent releases such as ‘A Haunting In Venice’, ‘Expend4bles', 'Dumb Money' and the 50th Anniversary re-release of vomit inducing, lights on leaving classic ‘The Exorcist’ (now in 4K Ultra Scary HD), plus, all your usual agenda items including News, Trailer Talk, the latest on Cinema, Streaming, Digital, 4K, Blu-Ray and DVD releases too.

We've also got some awesome 'Dumb Money' merchandise (not money sadly) to give away and we will of course read out your Tip Top 5 Action Movie Ensembles!

We haven't got any investment advice, but what we do have, is your latest, brand new edition of ‘We’re Gonna Need A Bigger Pod’!

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