"Arts Ailve" w/ Bill DeYoung: L.L. Kirchner 10-2-23

Season 5, Episode 3695,   Oct 02, 04:02 PM

Today’s guest on the Arts Alive! podcast is author – and much more – L.L. Kirchner.

Blissful Thinking is Kirchner’s second memoir, a journal of her quest for self-realization after her marriage crashed and burned while she was living in the Middle East. That first book, American Lady Creature: (My) Change in the Middle East, was by turns heartbreaking, hilarious and eye-opening.

Someone told her the book was “Like Eat Pray Love … only funny.”

The journey continues in the new book as our plucky heroine travels the globe and explores various forms of “wellness creation,” including yoga (she is, in fact, a licensed teacher), various forms of meditation and even an Indian “sex cult.” There are men, and women along the way, and plenty of strange goings-on as Kirchner attempts to find the answer to – IN QUOTES – what’s wrong with her.

The answer, my friend, was blowing in the wind the entire time.

Blissful Thinking is, for all its hills and valleys, a fascinating, and often very funny, journey on which to tag along. And Kirchner took away something positive from every experiment.

Lisa Kirchner is a journalist, a yogi, a marketer, a filmmaker, an on-air Home Shopping Network host, and the creator of the live, in-person series True Stories, which invites people in the audience onstage to tell their own, true stories. #llkirchner #billdeyoung #artsalive #stpetecatalyst #tampabay #radio #radiostpete