Rizz Advice w/ Nut

Episode 56,   Oct 03, 2023, 10:00 PM

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Welcome to Nut! This episode Zach and Wahlid are joined by Nut to give dating advice to three of their single friends. Will they be able to solve their love problems? Also, the boys joke about Nut’s Jubilee videos and the reason Nut recently got fired. Was it because of Cody Ko? Yes, actually. 

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0:00 Welcome to Nut
2:01 Intro
2:41 Our Live Show!
4:13 A Rizz Guy
10:42 Advice for Single Guys
17:04 A Good Hinge Date… Years Ago
24:32 This Isn’t a Dating Show?
30:46 Chicken Nuggets and Broccoli 
35:40 The Jubilee Videos
39:29 Nut Got Fired Because of Cody Ko
43:13 The Vegas Sphere
48:30 Old Nut vs New Nut
52:26 Voicemails
56:10 Spicy Food + Sports?!
1:03:25 "Do Men Really Measure Their…?”