The Time Traveller's Pitch episode 2 - Over the Garden Wall - Dreaming Machine podcast

Oct 03, 08:23 PM

It's the next instalment of our spectacular time-traveller's pitch series, where once again we toy with the very fabric of the universe, all for the sake of a cartoon! Joe welcomes a new guest to the show, Graham Williamson - podcaster, writer and film-maker extraordinaire - to give an exuberant fanboy's pitch about the acclaimed mini-series 'Over the Garden Wall'. Joe then jumps forward in time, using science and stuff, to check out Graham's reaction after seeing the series for himself. If you have not seen 'Over the Garden Wall' then you get to learn about your favourite (probably) new show - and if you have seen it then you get to experience the joy of a newbie's reaction - so either way it's win-win, right?! Enjoy our latest time-travelling exploits and let us know your feedback.