Overserved Maniacs

Episode 89,   Oct 05, 2023, 10:00 PM

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This week, Brooke and Connor are ready to unpack their hangxiety from this past weekend from binky filled concerts to over-served after parties. Plus, they unpack the true meaning behind propaganda and the ultimate Instagram soft launch. 

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Hosted by Brooke Averick & Connor Wood, Created by TMG Studios, Brooke Averick & Connor Wood, and Produced by TMG Studios, Brooke Averick & Connor Wood.

0:00 Single Verse Teenage Dream 
1:18 Intro
1:52 Brooke Was Attacked.
4:48 The Nightmare Hair Journey
7:50 Have Sociopaths Always Existed?
10:58 HelloFresh
13:28 Taylor Swift's PR Fire PR Team 
15:55 Known For Sh*tting Our Pants
18:03 Can Propaganda Be Good?
19:55 Connor’s Chicago Trip
24:42 Wine Drunk in Colorado
27:09 BetterHelp
28:43 White Girl Wasted in Chicago
32:02 Giving Snap Viewers a Heart Attack
34:23 Avoiding the Hangxiety Questions
35:43 Who is Your Lord?
27:31 The 1975 After Party Experience
45:06 Questions for JC & LA’s Jewish Community
47:04 Cody’s Manifestations Check In
49:34 BIG Crispy Hotel Sheet Fan
52:33 Our Funniest Clips Flop
54:06 Commenting for Photo Creds
57:32 Gypsy Rose & Munchausen By Proxy
1:02:22 Dodgeball’s Rabbit Hole
1:04:46 Weird Old Films
1:06:50 Airlines & The Great Teeth Brushing Debate
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1:12:32 See You In Bonus!!!