Friday, October 6: Can Dogs Drive?; Why AJ Stuck His Toes In Brownies; The World's Most Unfortunately Named Street

Oct 06, 2023, 03:56 PM

Dumb Ass News - Dogs can't drive, right? Well a camera caught one clearly sitting behind the wheel of a moving car, and the driver was arrested. (0:00)

Yesterday, AJ was out in North Haven selling brownies to raise money for his trip to comedy fantasy camp. One of the guys who showed up at Art's TV and Appliance was Chester, who asked AJ to stamp his big toes on the two brownies that he purchased. You'll never guess where those brownies are today. (6:00)

Harry Dick road has caused quite a few problems in Ontario, mostly for the family that lives there. Harry Dick road also caused problems for Chaz and AJ when they tried to move on to a new story. (21:50)

Boss Keith's Top 5 was full of helpful ways to improve your life in very small ways. Tomatoes, believe it or not, are the answer. (32:54)